Source Code Or Branding

You are made aware that the website created by us is created through our software, which is a type of website builder, in which a website Designed By will come with WTN Technologies Pvt. Ltd. written on it, which cannot be removed. For your branding, you have to take our white level (Reseller) plan. And since this site is a builder-made website, then its cpanel or source code would have been made. And hosting details or source code of any website built in our plan will not be given.



Billing Or Invoice

It is informed that no prior invoice will be received for the orders placed by our company representative by talking through mobile. Because in that case your order is placed through offline mode, due to which the invoice is given only after the full payment is done. On the contrary, by visiting our site and placing an order, you will receive an invoice immediately. Because there is an option of automatic billing.



Quotation Or Agreement

The brochure given by the company will be considered as the agreement of the company.


Payment Term

In case of non-payment of services in full, the services will be closed after sending three reminders by the company. Please note that in the event of non-payment after three reminders, the site will be permanently deleted by the Company after 7 days from the date of closure.


Working Process

Office holidays will not be added in the specified period of completion of work and in some circumstances the worker related to the work is not present due to any reason like domestic trouble of the worker, illness or any other calamity. would be unethical. Because the company and company workers are fully dedicated to your services and consider it their responsibility to supply the services. Hope we will get your cooperation in odd situations.



Renewal’s, Abuse Or Compliance

Please note that if your domain from our company and any plan is working with it and both of them expire at the same time, then while renewing the domain, get your plan renewed as well, in the event of not doing so, your plan will be canceled without any It will be closed without prior notice. And you are informed that website 999 does not take responsibility for and will not support any third party tools.



Dues Or Outstanding’s

Remember, the payment of the outstanding payment has to be done in the interval of days after the completion of the work on behalf of the company. Otherwise, your services may be suspended.